Energy efficiency of connected devices

EDNA’s work in this area is strongly focused on network standby energy. Network standby energy is the energy used by a connected device when not performing its primary function, but maintaining a network connection. By 2030 it is estimated that 300 TWh per annum could be wasted by network standby energy globally, which is the same as the current Global Network 2030 electricity consumption of the UK.

EDNA’s Total Energy Model models the energy consumption of connected devices (network standby power).

The following tasks are proposed for this workstream, and links to reports and policy briefs will appear here as they are published (those marked with an asterisk are underway):

  • *CD1. Energy efficiency of home energy storage systems

EDNA’s previous work in this area includes the following:

Task ID

Title Publications
Total energy model Model 2021
The wasted energy of connected devices Policy brief 2020


Standardisation for Smart Devices Report 2022

Database 2022


Emerging Battery Technologies Report 2022

Policy brief 2023


Mobile Device Efficiency Report 2022


Small Network Equipment: Consideration for Energy Efficiency Policy Report 2021

Policy brief 2022


Global Forecast of Energy Use for Wireless Charging Report 2019

Policy brief 2020


Bridging the Network Standby Gap between Mobile and Mains-Powered Products Report 2019


Test Procedures for Measuring Network Standby Power Report 2019


Getting to Zero: an Evaluation of Zero Network Standby Power Report 2019


Energy Harvesting technologies for IoT Edge Devices Report 2018

Policy brief 2020


Network Standby Power Basics Report 2018


Energy Efficiency of the Internet of Things Report 2016

Report 2016

Policy brief 2016


Own Energy Consumption of Smart Metering Infrastructure and Energy Monitoring Systems Report 2016
Networked connected audio products Report 2016

Policy brief 2018

Energy Aware Devices Report 2016

Policy brief 2018

Standby Consumption Measurements Report 2017
More Data, Less Energy: Addressing Energy Waste in Networks Policy Brief 2014
Indicative Testing of Smart Lamps Report 2014