Efficient, Demand Flexible Networked Appliances (EDNA)

EDNA provides analysis and policy guidance to members and other governments aimed at improving the energy efficiency and demand flexibility of connected devices and networks.

In 2024 EDNA changed its name to reflect an increased focus on ‘demand flexible networked appliances’. These large household appliances can empower consumers and are able to react to requirements from the grid, for example to increase or decrease power consumption in response to renewable energy generation patterns, or to react to local demand constraints.

EDNA will continue its current work on data centres, and as required over time may choose to undertake further work on the efficiency of connected devices themselves as well as other related topics as they arise.

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Policy development on energy efficiency of data centres

For data centre energy efficiency, this report provides: overview of data collection/registration projects, overview of current/planned government measures, quantitative estimates of savings from possible measures, and issues for policy makers to consider.


About EDNA

Electronic Devices and Networks technical analysis and policy guidance to our members and other governments concerning energy using equipment and systems. Systems can include buildings, energy grids and communications networks.