Motor Summit 2021 Switzerland: call for abstracts

The Motor Summit Switzerland is a well-established national conference that brings together experts, researchers, manufacturers, and representatives of industrial users, as well as government and educational institutions. It provides

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2020 4E Annual Report released

The 2020 Annual report for the 4E TCP has been published and is available for download here. The Annual Report provides an overview of the activities and outputs of

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Bright Spark Newsletter

Read the latest 4E electronic newsletter about energy efficiency, events and current topics


2020 4E Annual Report

Read the 2020 Annual Report for the IEA Technology Collaboration Programmes on Energy Efficient End-use Equipment (4E)



Air Conditioners

With the uptake of air conditioning growing globally, this project seeks to ensure that the performance testing of the popular inverter-type units (heat pumps) is sufficiently robust to support national regulations for energy efficiency


Energy-using Systems

Systems represent a significant potential for new energy savings, and their regulation could provide flexibility in ways that industry can meet policy requirements


The Motor Driven Unit policy guidelines

The options for harmonising technical standards and regulations for pumps, fans and compressors which globally consume an estimated at 6,560 TWh of electricity (larger than the total electricity consumption of China)


Appliances & Equipment

Growth in energy use by household appliances shows no signs of decelerating, yet only one-third of appliance energy use today is covered by mandatory performance standards …


Demand Response

Like other forms of traditional flexibility, demand-side flexibility is largely centralised and restricted to large industrial or commercial consumers. 2019 was a mixed year for demand-response …


Data Centres & Networks

As the world becomes increasingly digitalised, data centres and data transmission networks are emerging as an important source of energy demand …