Smart Sustainability in Lighting and Controls Platform

New lighting technologies including more efficient sources and smart systems and controls offer the potential to further reduce global electricity use for lighting by 50%.  The SSLC Platform is actively working to develop information and analysis to transform lighting markets, improving both the energy efficiency and quality of our illuminated spaces.  

The SSLC Platform member governments bring together top researchers and experts from around the world to jointly address challenges in the rapidly evolving lighting market. The activities undertaken by the SSLC Platform are complementary and supportive of the work of governments, international standardisation bodies, and the research & development being conducted by industry and academia. Through this work, the SSLC Platform is working to accelerate the global transition to solid state lighting and controls.


Improving the Mp metric for evaluation of Flicker

TLM (temporal light modulation) related measurements and calculations have become a focus with new regulations by European Commission and other regulatory authorities setting limits for TLA (temporal light artefacts) for LED lighting products. Generally, the regulations

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