PECTA is cooperative partner of the ECPE workshop

The Eco-Design Approaches of Power Electronics event will be held on November 26, 2024, in Grenoble, France. For more details, please visit the ECPE webpage (link below).

ECPE Workshop Information & Registration
PECTA 2nd term officially started!

PECTA successfully completed its first term in February 2024 and began its second term in March 2024.

4E PECTA preparation to start 2nd term finalized

4E PECTAs new term starts in March 2024 and lasts until 2029. Strategic topics range from investigations related to WBG regarding e.g., EV DC-wallboxes, product reliability, identification of GHG emissions and sustainable use of resources etc. Are you interested to join the initiative?

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Power Electronic Conversion Technology Platform

The Power Electronic Conversion Technology Platform (PECTA) is one of four Platforms (EDNA, EMSA, SSLC and PECTA) within the IEA 4E TCP (Technology Collaboration Program of Energy Efficient End-Use Equipment) and was launched in March 2019.

The overall goal of PECTA includes collecting and analysing information about new wide band gap (WBG) based power electronic devices, coordinating internationally acceptable approaches that promote WBG-based power electronics and developing greater understanding and action amongst governments and policy makers.

New PECTA paper available

A new PECTA paper has been published. This paper focuses on the effects of incorporating GaN components for energy conversion on the product design and the resulting environmental impacts along the life cycle, in particular for

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Reliability of electronic components and systems with WBG technology

Power electronics plays a vital role in various applications, from household devices to electric vehicles and renewable energy systems. This report, a result of the 4E annex PECTA project, covers reliability challenges at both component and system levels, discusses the state of the art in design processes, and proposes indicators for policymakers to support WBG adoption in energy applications.


About 4E

Fifteen countries from the Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America have joined together under the forum of 4E to share information and transfer experience in order to support good policy development in the field of energy efficient appliances and equipment.