Energy efficiency of connected devices

EDNA’s work in this area is strongly focused on network standby energy. Network standby energy is the energy used by a connected device when not performing its primary function, but maintaining a network connection. By 2030 it is estimated that 300 TWh per annum could be wasted by network standby energy globally, which is the […]

Energy efficiency of data centres

Data centres consume around 2% of the world’s electricity, around 460 TWh p.a. By 2026 this is expected to grow by between 620 and 1050 TWh p.a. This would be the equivalent of adding the entire electricity consumption of one Sweden or one Germany. To date, most policy efforts have focused on the energy used […]

Demand flexible networked appliances

Demand flexible networked appliances empower consumers and are able to react to requirements from the grid, for example to increase or decrease power consumption in response to renewable energy generation patterns, or to react to local demand constraints. Having demand flexible appliances installed is crucial to a net zero energy grid – their potential to […]