Product Performance

Quality and performance requirements:
Improved and updated recommendations for LED lamps and luminaires

October 2022 – Quality and Performance Requirements:  Are you striving for high quality, energy efficient SSL products in your market? The IEA 4E SSLC Platform has prepared quality and performance requirements to address product attributes such as efficacy, colour, lifetime and power quality for the most common LED lamps and luminaires. 

These requirements offer three potential performance levels, agreed upon by IEA SSLC Platform members, which could be utilised by government, utilities, non-profit and donor agencies when designing national lighting programmes and market transformation initiatives.  There levels presented in the reports are:

   Tier 1: Minimum Acceptable Performance Level
   Tier 2: Performance Level Required by Quality and Certification Programmes
   Tier 3: Current Highest Commercially Available Performance Level

These documents can reduce costs of writing quality lighting specifications and facilitate economic advantages through the use of harmonised requirements. In addition, they help minimise compliance costs with SSL programmes and policies by helping to establish harmonised requirements. Member countries are not obligated to use the tiers, and they are not international standards.

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