Our Work

Product Performance

The IEA 4E SSL Annex is active in two key areas that relate to product performance: Product Performance Tiers & Energy Consumption of “Smart” Lighting.

Standby of Smart Lamps – Second Report

This report focuses on the smart lighting features that impact energy consumption, and provides a comprehensive overview on various features, based on real-life test data.

Standby of Smart Lamps – First Report

Smart lamps are an exciting new family of products which provide an opportunity for the consumer to benefit from smart services, better product quality and energy savings.

Testing & Standards

How do we ensure SSL product quality? How can we be confident that product test results are reliable? The SSL Annex compared 110 LED test laboratories around the world in the 2013 Inter-laboratory …

Health & Environment

The IEA 4E SSL Annex is working to help policy makers track and understand the latest science and research on how LED lighting impacts human health and the environment.

Policy Support

The IEA 4E SSL Annex conducts research that is designed to support member governments and policy makers on the metrics and requirements set-out in existing regulations and the measurement …