What is the focus of EMSA’s work until 2024?

An updated Policy Brief is now available with an overview of the 4E Electric Motor Systems Annex (EMSA) publications so far and the focus areas of EMSA’s work.

EMSA promotes the opportunities for energy efficiency in motor systems by disseminating best practice information worldwide. It supports the development of internationally aligned technical standards and the implementation of national policies to improve the energy performance of new and existing motor systems.

The updated Policy Brief gives an overview on this work. Focus areas until 2024 are:

  • International Standards: EMSA contributes to the development of internationally aligned and globally applicable technical standards for motor systems.
  • Digitalisation and motor systems: EMSA explores the potential for energy savings through ICT technologies in motor systems, identifies barriers and possible solutions.
  • Motor Systems Tool: EMSA has developed this independent user-friendly software tool to assess the efficiency of a complete motor system.

For more information, download the Policy Brief.