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The Motor Systems Tool

Version 3.17.01 (June 2019)
New version now including html-report save feature!

The Motor Systems Tool is an independent calculator for complete motor systems that utilizes impartial models of standardized components, to determine the efficiency at any given duty point on a complete motor system. It is intended for engineers, machine builders, energy consultants and others interested in motor systems optimization.

It consists of a full motor system from power supply to application. From one known duty point all
partials are calculated as well as the total system efficiency. Any change in speed, load or components is calculated dynamically and results are presented instantly.

The Motor Systems Tool is developed continuously. The latest version can be downloaded here:


Version 1.3 (September 2019)

The latest addition to the family of tools by EMSA is the hydraulic calculator: DTI-Hydracalc

It is a tool that evaluates all possible control strategies for a cyclic hydraulic installation and calculates the best solution in terms of motor & pump sizing for the best efficiency possible.

The Motor Systems Tool is developed on a LabVIEW platform and runs on Microsoft Windows.

For more information contact: Sandie B. Nielsen