IEC JAG22 provides input to the update of EMSA’s Motor Systems Tool

Armin Hauer, the Convenor of JAG 22, talks in an interview about the goals and current activities of JAG 22. These include providing input and critique for the update of EMSA’s Motor Systems Tool.

The IEC’s advisory committee for energy efficiency, the ACEE, brought the IEC and ISO together to form the Joint Advisory Group 22 (JAG 22) Optimized Energy and Power Consumption of Electric Driven Machine Units.

JAG 22 was set up to facilitate the exchange and coordination between ISO and the IEC in the field of all types of electric driven machine units. Consisting of 30 key experts from more than 10 countries, it works to identify any coordination issues, proposed solutions, arrange discussions and provide guidance. JAG 22 acts as a catalyst between the various technical committees that are responsible for their own specific components.

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