4E Releases Update to Standards & Labelling Achievements Report

The latest report from 4E draws on over 150 individual evaluations to provide a comprehensive summary of the achievements of energy efficiency standards and labelling programs (EESL) for appliances and equipment.

Amongst other key findings, the report noted that “The energy efficiency of major appliances in these countries have increased at more than three times the underlying rate of technology improvement” and that “long-term appliance purchase prices are generally declining in real terms while products are also becoming more efficient“.

Spanning nearly 50 countries and more than 30 product types, this report examines the impact of EESL Programs on:

  • The energy efficiency of appliances over and above autonomous rates of change.
  • National energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emmissions savings.
  • The consumer purchase price of appliances and equipment.
  • Co-benefits, such as employment, health and energy security.
  • Manufacturing innovation and market transformation.