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About Electronic Devices and Networks Annex

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The IEA 4E Electronic Devices and Networks Annex – “EDNA” – is an initiative of the International Energy Agency’s 4E Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP).

The 4E TCP aims to promote energy efficiency as the key to ensuring safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy systems. 4E is an international platform for collaboration between governments, providing technical analysis and policy guidance to its members and other governments concerning energy using equipment and systems.

The EDNA Annex (Electronic Devices and Networks Annex) of 4E has these same aims, but is focussed on a horizontal subset of energy using equipment and systems – those which are able to be connected via a communications network. The objective of EDNA is as follows:

Provide technical analysis and policy guidance to members and other governments aimed at improving the energy efficiency of connected devices and the systems in which they operate.

EDNA is focussed on the energy consumption of network connected devices, on the increased energy consumption that results from devices becoming network connected, and on system energy efficiency: the optimal operation of systems of devices to save energy (aka “intelligent efficiency”) including providing other energy benefits such as demand response.

From the EDNA perspective, devices are key components of any system, and thus the entrée to examining energy aspects of systems as well as the phenomenon of the digitalisation of systems. Systems can include buildings, energy grids and communications networks.

Countries currently participating in EDNA are listed here.

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