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Policy Brief – Energy Management Protocols

Summarises the EDNA Guide to Energy Management Protocols, which is a resource for policy makers. Gives an overview, description and categorisation of protocols, their relevance to energy management, and details of market uptake.


Policy development on energy efficiency of data centres

For data centre energy efficiency, this report provides: overview of data collection/registration projects, overview of current/planned government measures, quantitative estimates of savings from possible measures, and issues for policy makers to consider.


Emerging Battery Technologies

This research study examines new battery technologies suited to powering small devices such as IoT, actuators and sensors, and portable devices such as mobile phones and laptops.


Guide to Energy Management Protocols

This report is a guide to ‘application layer’ communications protocols used for energy management, such as those used to facilitate intelligent efficiency and demand flexibility.


Standardisation for Smart Devices

This report highlights the most relevant standards in areas such as measurement of energy consumption of smart devices, and communication protocols for smart devices.



The objective of this study is to gain a better understanding on the issue of (a lack of) device interoperability and the resultant impact of this on Intelligent Efficiency and Demand Flexibility