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LED Product Lifetime Testing Report

A new report by the IEA 4E Solid State Lighting Annex provides a look across the body of literature on lifetime definitions for LEDs and LED products. The reports looks at failure mechanisms, accelerated life tests

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Reliability of electronic components and systems with WBG technology

Power electronics plays a vital role in various applications, from household devices to electric vehicles and renewable energy systems. This report, a result of the 4E annex PECTA project, covers reliability challenges at both component and system levels, discusses the state of the art in design processes, and proposes indicators for policymakers to support WBG adoption in energy applications.

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4E 2023 Annual Report No Header Footer

2023 Annual Report DOWNLOAD PRINT VERSION Chair’s Statement During 2023, recognition the role of energy efficiency in delivering energy security and affordability has boosted action. On the ground, investment in energy efficiency has risen by 45%

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