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Worldwide comparison of 110 LED testing laboratories: Results Presented

Today, the governments of ten countries announced the publication of the world’s largest interlaboratory comparison on solid state lighting (SSL). This project compares the ability of 110 laboratories worldwide to test Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps and luminaires. The outcome of this large-scale interlaboratory comparison will help governments and manufacturers around the world ensure that new LED products sold to consumers and companies are of high quality and meet the claimed performance.

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Winners Announced – Connected Efficiency Award

SEAD Connected Efficiency Award – Winners Announced SEAD has announced the communications protocols that were awarded a Connected Efficiency Award. The winning protcols are: IEEE Std 1905.1a™-2014 IEEE Standard for a Convergent Digital Home Network for Heterogeneous

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What has the Standby Annex Achieved 2009-2011?

Summary of Major Achievements of the Standby Annex 2009-2011. Alignment of data collection methodology provides policy makers with baseline information and a tool which can assist in the design, monitoring and evaluation of different policy approaches

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Overview IEA 4E Mapping and Benchmarking analyses are presented via Webinars (online seminars) to share the results and key conclusions for each product with a wider audience. There are currently no webinars planned in the near

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Webinar: Total Energy Model for Connected Devices

This IEA-hosted webinar will present the results of EDNA’s ’Total Energy Model’ including a tour of the interactive graphs that are accessible on the EDNA website. These graphs allow users to manipulate various assumptions, and view the changes in

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Webinar: Blockchain Applications: an Energy Perspective

The International Energy Agency Digital Demand-Driven Electricity Networks (3DEN) Initiative and IEA-4E/EDNA are pleased to invite you to the expert webinar: Blockchain applications: an energy perspective The webinar will be held via Zoom on Tuesday 12 April

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