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Literature Summary of Lifetime Testing of Light Emitting Diodes and LED Products

A summary of the literature on lifetime definitions for LEDs and LED products, including a look at failure mechanisms, accelerated life tests and test methods for estimating lifetime, and provides some recommendations. There is currently no agreement as to which test method can best estimate the lifetime of LED lighting products and the report thus addresses a key issue for regulators and industry interested in deployment of LED technologies


Harnessing IoT for Energy Benefits

This report examines the landscape of residential IoT products and the functions within those products that can be leveraged to yield energy benefits. These functions include monitoring via on- board sensors and internal or external data feeds, and controls that can reside within or external to the product. We examine the extent to which products possess these functions today, the energy benefits products can achieve with those functions, and the appropriateness of adding additional functions to achieve additional energy benefits.


4E PEET Efficiency Trends Report 2018-19

A summary of the energy efficiency trends for the major types of equipment in 4E Member countries or regions for the period 2018-19. The analysis is focused on determining the normalised energy efficiency of nine product groups


4E PEET Methodology Report 2018-19

Details the methodology and assumptions used to determine the accompanying PEET Efficiency Trends Report, for each type of equipment covered. In recognition of the important contribution that product energy efficiency plays