Ericsson Mobility Report

Describes the evolution towards the Networked Society, of IoT and other connected ICT equipment. It includes historic and future projections of device connectivity. Updated regularly at

Is staying online costing the earth?

This UK Government report aims to support debate around the UK’s digital future It sets out areas where researchers, companies and governments can act to harness the substantial opportunities the Internet offers to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure

Digitalization and Energy

This flagship IEA report seeks to provide clarity for decision makers on what digitalization means for energy – shining a light on both its enormous potential and most pressing challenges. We are finding that digitalization is becoming increasingly important to a wide

Technology Assessment of Internet of Things

Technology Assessment of the internet of things inlcuding privacy, security, safety and other issues. As IoT technologies are embedded in a growing number of devices and applications

Scoping of Intelligent Efficiency Measurement

Communicates the results of a scoping exercise undertaken by the Connected Devices Alliance, to scope measurement methodologies for quantifying the energy savings from real-world intelligent

United States Data Center Energy Usage Report

This LBNL report estimates historical data center electricity consumption back to 2000, relying on previous studies and historical shipment data, and forecasts consumption out to 2020 based on new trends and the most recent data available.

The Power Of Wireless Cloud

An analysis of the impact on energy consumption of the growing popularity of accessing cloud services via wireless devices. By the Centre for Energy Efficient Telecommunications. The writing of this document was motivated by the explosive growth we are now

Energy Reporting on Networks

Documents progress by the Internet Engineering Task Force to establish a protocol for self-reporting energy information by devices and equipment. By Bruce Nordman for the Australian Government Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency