Smart Lighting – New Features Impacting Energy Consumption

Smart lamps and luminaires are common in today’s lighting market. Smart lighting provides an opportunity for the consumer to benefit from wireless control of lighting products, e.g. by dimming, colour tuning and scheduling. These functions can provide energy saving but they also require energy consumption to supply standby power and gateways.

Guide to Energy Management Protocols

This report is a guide to ‘application layer’ communications protocols used for energy management, such as those used to facilitate intelligent efficiency and demand flexibility.

Retrofitting Connectivity for Energy Benefits

This report examines the retrofit solutions on the market today to identify those that could be leveraged to achieve energy benefits in otherwise unconnected residential products.

Harnessing IoT for Energy Benefits

This report examines the landscape of residential IoT products and the functions within those products that can be leveraged to yield energy benefits. These functions include monitoring via on- board sensors and internal or external data feeds, and controls that can reside within or external to the product. We examine the extent to which products possess these functions today, the energy benefits products can achieve with those functions, and the appropriateness of adding additional functions to achieve additional energy benefits.

Digital roadmap for district heating & cooling

Offers insights on how digitalisation impacts the district heating & cooling industry, showcases the state of the art, identifies barriers and presents objectives, targets and recommendations for the digitalisation of district heating and cooling.

IEA Energy Efficiency Market Report 2018

Energy Efficiency 2018 is the annual global tracker of energy efficiency trends and indicators. The 2018 report contains an overview of demand-response-ready devices. Energy efficiency stands at a crossroads today

Potential of Energy Aware Devices

Swiss study of “energy aware devices” – devices which measure or estimate their own energy consumption. The study expands the concept of energy awareness to include forecasting device energy use and receiving external control commands

CEER Report on Smart Technology Development

Identifies emerging trends and technologies, and assesses the need for regulation, focussing on smart home technologies, IoT, electricity self-generation and storage, EV charging stations/vehicles and

Is staying online costing the earth?

This UK Government report aims to support debate around the UK’s digital future It sets out areas where researchers, companies and governments can act to harness the substantial opportunities the Internet offers to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure

Digitalization and Energy

This flagship IEA report seeks to provide clarity for decision makers on what digitalization means for energy – shining a light on both its enormous potential and most pressing challenges. We are finding that digitalization is becoming increasingly important to a wide

IEA Energy Efficiency Market Report 2017

The IEA Energy Efficiency Market Report 2017 includes significant information on household connected devices, their costs and benefits, as well as barriers to market growth. The Efficient World Scenario shows that there is significant potential to broaden

Technology Assessment of Internet of Things

Technology Assessment of the internet of things inlcuding privacy, security, safety and other issues. As IoT technologies are embedded in a growing number of devices and applications