Our Work

Since the beginning of 2008, EMSA has provided policy guidance and tools to encourage and accelerate the adoption of more energy efficient motors and motor systems worldwide. In recent years, EMSA’s work centered around the following areas:

  • International Standards: EMSA contributes to the development of internationally aligned and globally applicable technical standards for motor systems. EMSA stays up-to-date with the activities of, and contributes independent research results for, relevant International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards committees, in which some EMSA members participate directly.
  • Testing: EMSA ran an international round robin testing programme for Variable Speed Drives in cooperation with IEC and runs currently an international round robin testing programme for air compressors. EMSA researches advanced technology motors.
  • Digitalisation: EMSA explores the potential for energy savings through digitalisation technologies in motor systems, identifies barriers and opportunities.
  • EMSA Tools: EMSA has developed the Motor Systems Tool, an independent user-friendly software tool to assess the efficiency of a complete motor system. EMSA also offers other tools.

During its new period (2024 to 2029), EMSA will continue working in these areas and takes up further topics, such as:

  • Explore future policy design regarding motor systems
  • Demand flexibility in industrial motor systems
  • Keep track of technology trends and market evolution.

EMSA operated until 2024 as an Annex of 4E (Electric Motor Systems Annex) and will continue to operate as a Platform of 4E (Electric Motor Systems Platform).