IEC ACEE has published the IEC Guide 118:2024 Preparation of basic and group energy efficiency publications including energy efficiency aspects

The IEC Guide 118:2024 intends to support the work of all Technical Committees (TCs) on their work on energy efficiency publications within their specific scope.

The Guide defines procedures for the preparation and revision of basic (referring to a product) and group (referring to a group of products) energy efficiency publications. The document e.g. describes the concept of an energy efficiency aspect; promotes the use of a systems approach when addressing energy efficiency aspects in the context of standardisation; helps TCs to identify energy efficiency aspects that contribute to energy efficiency improvement of the product itself and of the entire application.

The horizontal energy efficiency function is described and detailed as well. This horizontal energy efficiency function is to ensure the consistency of IEC publications relating to a specific subject common to a number of TCs by avoiding duplication of work and contradictory requirements.

 TCs are encouraged to:

  • consider energy efficiency in their standardisation work;
  • identify which aspects of energy efficiency are relevant for their standardisation;
  • use a structured approach when addressing energy efficiency;
  • use a systems approach when addressing energy efficiency.

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