EMSA as a catalyst in international standardisation

Led by EMSA and ACEE, discussion within the international standardisation community resulted in the establishment of the ISO & IEC Joint Advisory Group JAG 22. Its role is to advise, guide and co-ordinate activities in ISO and IEC to optimise the energy consumption of Electric Driven Machine Units.

Currently, the individual elements of a motor system are covered by around 10 different IEC (responsible for electrical standards) and ISO committees (responsible for mechanical standards). Together these publish approximately 40 standards relating to the energy efficiency of electric motor systems, however most focus on single components e.g., motors, pumps, fans, compressors, variable speed drives (VSDs), etc.

To ensure system-oriented standards, a coherent framework for co-operation between Technical Committees combining mechanical and electrical expertise is required which is now taken up by the JAG 22.

More information on JAG 22 is available in the new EMSA Policy Brief.