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Network Standby Power Basics (revised April 2018)

This report incorporates and organizes our collective understanding of the network standby function, identifies the primary factors that influence its power draw, develops a framework for understanding these factors, and estimates power ranges associated with different network standby function implementations.


EVSE Scoping Study for 4E

The delegates from EDNA member countries decided to conduct a Scoping study, to investigate the energy performance of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), looking also at the existing policy approaches for this emerging product group. This Scoping study


Standby Consumption Measurements

This document summarises the standby and networked standby measurements of the following products and concludes the compliance with ecodesign requirements: Standby consumption of 31 TVs, 14 audio equipment, 5 printers, 9 complex set top boxes


Indicative Testing of Smart Lamps

The primary purpose of this document is to provide indicative data on the network standby power consumption of smart lamps and the power used by the lamps when emitting no light but remaining connected to a communications network. Lamps were tested at