CEATEC / EDNA Smart Device Workshop

The CEATEC / EDNA Smart Devices Workshop follows the EDNA Smart Appliances Workshop held in November 2014 in Korea.  The scope of the Smart Devices Workshop is network-connected, mains-powered devices in the categories of consumer electronics (e.g. audio, video) and information and communications technology.  The workshop will be held alongside the CEATEC exhibition and IEA 4E meetings in Japan.  The objectives of the workshop are to:

1.    Introduce EDNA and key manufacturers and industry associations.

2.    Outline government and industry activities in the area of smart device efficiency – particularly the energy consumed to maintain network connections.

3.    Exchange views on opportunities and challenges of reducing energy use.

4.    Explore opportunities for cooperation on outputs from the G20 Networked Devices Project.

5.    Develop concrete outcomes and next steps.

Workshop location 7 October:  Multi-purpose Room, International Conference Hall, CEATEC Exhibition.

Workshop location 8 October:  APA Tokyo Bay Makuhari Hotel:  2-3, Hibino, Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba

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