CEATEC / EDNA Smart Device Workshop – Outcomes

More than 40 officials from Japanese industry (JEITA), Japanese Government agencies and 4E/EDNA met on 7 and 8 October 2015 in Makuhari, Japan to discuss the energy saving opportunities and challenges presented by network-connected electronic devices.

The Japanese industry, in particular JEITA, are very active in the area of “Green IT” and have established a committee dedicated to examining the energy saving opportunities that arise in the area of the “Cyber Physical System” – the system of data collection, analysis and control, that has the potential to connect the cyber (IT) and physical worlds.

The workshop covered a wide range of topics, for example helpful terminology which the Japanese industry have coined for differentiating the energy use of devices themselves – “of IT” – and energy savings enabled by such devices – “by IT”. The Japanese industry speakers also provided an overview of some of the energy measurement methodologies that have been developed for these two categories of energy savings.

Also presented by Japanese government representatives was Japan’s approach to economic reform – “Abenomics” – which also recognises the opportunities that network-connected devices offer, for example to help address the challenges of population decline and the expected growth in aged care and medical costs. In order to take advantage of such opportunities, the Japanese Government offers funding for relevant industry projects in this area.

From an international perspective, it was recognised that much attention is being paid to connected devices by many governments, who are attempting to understand the issues and challenges presented. It was concluded that there are considerable benefits available from collaboration between governments.

Relevant initiatives being implemented by 4E/EDNA were discussed, in particular those related to the G20 Networked Devices initiative and the Connected Devices Alliance (CDA). JEITA and Japanese government agencies were warmly welcomed to join these collaborations, and participants expressed a wish to be actively involved in the CDA.

The newly-developed G20 Voluntary Principles for Networked Devices were also presented, including a Japanese translation for consideration by Japanese industry.

At the closing of the workshop, the following key issues and challenges were summarised:

  • “Of IT” – the energy use of connected devices themselves:
    • Issue: rapidly rising energy consumption.
    • Challenge: minimising energy consumption from networks and network-connected devices.
  • “By IT” – savings enabled by connected devices:
    • Issue: large potential benefits
    • Challenge: turning potential into reality and measuring results.

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