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Submission Of Relevant Papers to Centre of Excellence

The Connected Devices Alliance welcomes the submission of relevant papers for posting on this site. Papers submitted will be reviewed by our small group of experts drawn from industry, governments and relevant organisations to ensure that they meet the following criteria:

  • Increase the level of understanding of an issue or issues that directly concern the energy consumed by networked devices or their networks.
  • Provide information or guidance relevant to the development of energy efficiency policy.
  • Avoid direct product related sales pitches, and criticism of competing products or approaches.
  • Focus on data and argument in support of the energy claims of particular approaches, configurations and techniques.
  • Are clear and understandable by non-technical readers, and where required include glossaries and footnotes to provide explanations.
  • Are clearly identified by author and affiliation and include references, preferably to independent studies or analysis.

Typically the review process will be completed within 2 weeks, and the authors notified of the results. Please click below to submit a paper.