Lessons Learnt Bringing LEDs to Market

The purpose of this report is to provide policy makers with examples and a summary of how IEA 4E SSL Annex member countries’ have introduced and promoted LED illumination products in their respective markets. This report highlights key policy and

Indicative Testing of Smart Lamps

The primary purpose of this document is to provide indicative data on the network standby power consumption of smart lamps and the power used by the lamps when emitting no light but remaining connected to a communications network. Lamps were tested at

Communique – IRHMA Smart Appliance Workshop

Government and industry call for co-operation in addressing the “energy cost” of network-connected appliances. Sales of network-connected (“smart”) appliances are increasing, driven by trends

Potential Health Issues of SSL

This report addresses the issues of the potential effects of solid state lighting (SSL) products on human health. This work mainly focuses on glare issues, photobiological effects caused by the optical radiation on the eye and skin, flickering phenomena non-visual effects of light

Power Requirements for Functions

This report is a first look at the power requirements and horizontal policy opportunities for a selection of high-priority secondary functions.

Overview of Examples of Low Energy Product Designs

The brochures provide a brief discussion on the relevance of each area to standby power consumption and present cutting edge low power product designs for different components of electrical appliances that are either currently available or under development.

Overview of Power Scaling in Proportion to Data Processing

This report examines the power scaling abilities for a variety of electronic products, both network equipment (modems, routers and switches) and “edge devices” with multimedia and audio-visual capabilities e.g. game consoles, DVD Players.