Reliability of electronic components and systems with WBG technology

Power electronics plays a vital role in various applications, from household devices to electric vehicles and renewable energy systems. This report, a result of the 4E annex PECTA project, covers reliability challenges at both component and system levels, discusses the state of the art in design processes, and proposes indicators for policymakers to support WBG adoption in energy applications.

Detailed Characterisation for Smart Dynamic Lighting

Smart lighting is gaining ground with increased speed driven by market demands for enhanced comfort, greater energy efficiency and simulating the the natural rhythm of daylight. But how do smart lighting sources perform when the light is dimmed, and when the colour temperature is changed? Is there a need for better characterisation? This paper presents […]

Emerging Battery Technologies

This research study examines new battery technologies suited to powering small devices such as IoT, actuators and sensors, and portable devices such as mobile phones and laptops.

Smart Lighting – New Features Impacting Energy Consumption

Smart lamps and luminaires are common in today’s lighting market. Smart lighting provides an opportunity for the consumer to benefit from wireless control of lighting products, e.g. by dimming, colour tuning and scheduling. These functions can provide energy saving but they also require energy consumption to supply standby power and gateways.

A “life cycle thinking” approach to assess differences in the energy use of SiC vs. Si power semiconductors

Wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductors have the potential to provide significant improvements in energy efficiency over conventional Silicon (Si) semiconductors. While the potential for energy efficiency gains is widely researched, the relation to the energy use during manufacturing processes remains insufficiently studied. This question is especially relevant for Silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductors, as there are some […]

Switching Elements of the Thrifty Variety – GERMAN

Abstract: From cell phones to cars to data centers: The diverse electrical applications that visibly and invisibly shape our everyday life all contain switching elements made of semiconductor materials. These powerful electronic components have huge energy-savings potential that can be realized by using so-called wide-bandgap semiconductors. This is the conclusion of an expert report of […]

4E PECTA Factsheet for Term 2020 – 2024 (established phase)

PECTA is a collaboration of the governments of Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland. The PECTA factsheet shares some basic information about PECTA goals and actual running tasks. Currently (January 2021) six tasks are up and running. For more information please download our factsheet.

Huge energy-savings by WBG semiconductors

This is one of the latest articles published by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) related to wide bandgap technology, and its potential promising applications for SiC and GaN Semiconductors.

Policy Brief – Wireless Charging Energy Use

This briefing summarises the key findings of the EDNA report Global Forecast of Energy Use for Wireless Charging, which estimates the additional global energy that would be consumed if wireless charging is adopted for a wide range of small consumer devices

Policy Brief – Energy Harvesting Technologies for IoT

This briefing summarises the key findings of the EDNA report Energy Harvesting Technologies for IoT Edge Devices, which explores the potential to deploy Energy Harvesting Technologies (EHTs) to convert energy from the surroundings into electricity, in order to power small internet of things (IoT) devices