“Saving More Energy Through Compliance” 4E Conference, London, 14-16 September 2010

Effective compliance regimes are needed to ensure efficiency programmes continue to deliver energy and greenhouse gas savings at low cost.

High compliance rates also safeguard these programmes from losing the confidence of consumers and industry.

Compliance is therefore a major concern to all market participants who have an interest in maximising energy efficiency.

This international three day Conference will bring together public and private sector stakeholders to share experiences in the design and operation of their compliance activities.

This Conference will be of interest to:

  • Officials responsible for the design and operation of energy efficiency programmes;
  • Representatives from industries involved in the manufacture, supply and retail of electricity using products;
  • Policy-makers from the public and NGO sectors specialising in energy and greenhouse gas topics;
  • Regulatory affairs officers;
  • Consultants and private sector companies in the fields of monitoring, verification and evaluation;
  • Representatives from verification and certification companies.