Literature Summary of Lifetime Testing of Light Emitting Diodes and LED Products

A summary of the literature on lifetime definitions for LEDs and LED products, including a look at failure mechanisms, accelerated life tests and test methods for estimating lifetime, and provides some recommendations. There is currently no agreement as to which test method can best estimate the lifetime of LED lighting products and the report thus addresses a key issue for regulators and industry interested in deployment of LED technologies

Domestic Air Conditioner Test Standards and Harmonization

This report is a comparative review of test procedures and efficiency metrics for room air conditioners across six countries, as well as the ISO standard. The findings of this report are intended to inform the efforts of policy makers to evaluate where greater consistency between test methods and metrics may be beneficial.

Test Procedures for Measuring Network Standby Power

This paper examines elements of existing test procedures that address network standby in some way. This includes horizontal test procedures that cover standby and network standby for a wide range of products, as well as product-specific procedures where network functionality is a common or essential feature of the product

4E EMSA Policy Guidelines for Motor Driven Units – Part 1 Summary

This document summarises the first part of an investigation into policy options for harmonising standards and regulations for Motor Driven Units (MDUs), focusing on pumps, fans and compressors. Part 1 describes existing standards and regulations for MDUs in economies that account for 85% of global motor system electricity use

2013 Interlaboratory Comparison – Final Report

The measurement data from 110 laboratories worldwide are included in this final report of IC 2013. In addition, there are 13 more sets of data included, as some laboratories submitted two or more

New Measurement Method for Motor Drive Systems

The Australian testing laboratory CalTest proposes a new measurement method for determination of efficiency of new technology motors and motor-drive systems using output/input measurements.