Interlaboratory Comparison for Goniophotometers (IC 2017)

The final report from the IEA 4E Solid State Lighting Annex’s 2017 Interlaboratory comparison (IC 2017). This comparison had 36 participating laboratories from 19 countries with a total of 42 goniophotometric instruments, the largest interlaboratory comparison of such equipment ever undertaken. This comparison investigated the level of agreement in measurements of SSL products by various […]

Literature Summary of Lifetime Testing of Light Emitting Diodes and LED Products

A summary of the literature on lifetime definitions for LEDs and LED products, including a look at failure mechanisms, accelerated life tests and test methods for estimating lifetime, and provides some recommendations. There is currently no agreement as to which test method can best estimate the lifetime of LED lighting products and the report thus addresses a key issue for regulators and industry interested in deployment of LED technologies

Policy Guidance for Smart, Energy-Saving Consumer Devices

This report provides considerations for policy makers to encourage ‘smart’ consumer devices which save energy and provide demand flexibility. It includes key findings for the prioritisation of consumer devices and policy recommendations.

Network Standby Power Basics (revised April 2018)

This report incorporates and organizes our collective understanding of the network standby function, identifies the primary factors that influence its power draw, develops a framework for understanding these factors, and estimates power ranges associated with different network standby function implementations.

Energy Audit Guide for Motor Driven Systems

This guideline gives a systematic and comprehensive overview on how to use available standards and tools for a motor system audit. This guideline gives a systematic and comprehensive overview

EVSE Scoping Study for 4E

The delegates from EDNA member countries decided to conduct a Scoping study, to investigate the energy performance of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), looking also at the existing policy approaches for this emerging product group. This Scoping study

Lessons Learnt Bringing LEDs to Market

The purpose of this report is to provide policy makers with examples and a summary of how IEA 4E SSL Annex member countries’ have introduced and promoted LED illumination products in their respective markets. This report highlights key policy and

Standby Consumption Measurements

This document summarises the standby and networked standby measurements of the following products and concludes the compliance with ecodesign requirements: Standby consumption of 31 TVs, 14 audio equipment, 5 printers, 9 complex set top boxes