The Power Electronic Conversion Technology Platform (PECTA) is one of four Platforms (EDNA, EMSA, SSL and PECTA) within the IEA 4E TCP (Technology Collaboration Program of Energy Efficient End-Use Equipment) and was launched in march 2019. Currently (Jan 2024), there are 4 governments sponsoring PECTA:

  • Austria – Adriana Diaz, (Vice-Chair)
  • Denmark – Christian Holm Christiansen, (Chair-Supporter)
  • Sweden – Peter Bennich, (Chair-Supporter)
  • Switzerland – Roland Brüniger, (Chair)

Overall Goal of PECTA

The overall goal of PECTA includes collecting and analysing information about new wide bandgap (WBG) based power electronic devices, coordinating internationally acceptable approaches that promote WBG-based power electronics and developing greater understanding and action amongst governments and policy makers

Specific Goals

  • Collecting and analysing information on new WBG-based power electronics as energy efficient technology
  • Share expertise and pool resources on this energy efficient technology (also including e.g. hosting of open forums and building collaborative networks as well as gathering and exchange information)
  • Coordinating internationally acceptable government approaches that promote WBG-based power electronics.
  • Developing greater understanding and promote government actions that encourage the use of WBG-based power electronics.
  • Accompanying and supportinginternational standardization public organizations (specifically IEC).

Further Information

If you are interested in a more detailed description of both mission and vision of PECTA please click on the link below:

Factsheet and General Overview


For further information and questions please do not hesitate to contact
Platform Manager
Markus Makoschitz (AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology)
Giefinggasse 2, Vienna – Austria