International Lighting Seminar: Metrology, Lifetime, Health and Smart Sustainable Lighting

An in-person (London, UK) seminar and on-line webinar

Tuesday, 14th May 2024 from 14:00 to 17:30

Please register to participate, whether in-person or online.

Chancellor’s Hall, Senate House, University College London,
Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HU

LED lighting continues to expand its market share, taking over conventional technologies in all end-use applications, yet challenges and opportunities relating to lighting remain. This International Lighting Seminar brings together Experts from the IEA 4E SSLC Platform to present their latest work on a range of topics including a new Interlaboratory Comparison on Temporal Light Modulation (commonly known as flicker); research into new test methods and metrics; a literature review of health effects associated with lighting; the opportunity and impact on energy consumption of smart lighting; and a recent life-cycle assessment comparing linear fluorescent lamps and LED tubes. The SSLC Platform is offering this free half-day seminar – both on-line and in-person at the University College London campus – to anyone interested. Please register here.


The meeting agenda is given below, or is available here for download as a PDF.

Moderators:     Prof Georges Zissis, Chair, IEA 4E SSLC Platform, La Place University Toulouse
                             Nils Borg, Manager, IEA 4E SSLC Platform, Stockholm, Sweden

Note: There will be a short Q&A after each presentation.


13h30  Arrival and coffee / tea / soft drink


14h00  Welcome and IEA 4E SSLC Platform Overview

Nils Borg, Manager, IEA 4E SSLC Platform, Sweden

  • Welcome and introduction to the SSLC Platform
  • A link between policy standards, testing and requirements
  • Overview of work and activities
  • Energy Savings Potential of Lighting Systems and Controls


14h15  Interlaboratory Comparison 2023

Dr Yoshi Ohno, NIST Fellow, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA

  • Purpose of IC 2023
  • Findings of Nucleus Lab Comparison
  • Progress on Participant Testing and Reporting
  • Issues Identified and Data Being Prepared for Standardisation Community


14h45  Improvements in Test Methods and Metrics

Carsten Dam-Hansen, DTU, Denmark;
Steve Coyne, Light Naturally, Australia

  • Test of Temporal Light Modulation (TLM)
  • Influence of power supply selection on flicker metric PstLM
  • Stroboscopic effect SVM calculation: current approach and potential improvements
  • Standard test options for determining lifetime
  • Impact of long-duration switching
  • Research involving accelerated aging and pulse/soak testing at elevated temperatures and comparison to standard test method


15h40  Coffee / tea / soft drink break with light snacks


16h00  Solid-State Lighting: Review of Health Effects

Christophe Martinsons, CSTB, France

  • Overview of new Lighting and Health report
  • Photobiological safety, glare, circadian effects, acute neuro-behavioural effects, temporal light modulation and long-term effects
  • Conclusions and recommendations


16h30  Advanced Smart Lighting must also be Energy Smart

Casper Kofod, Director, Energy Piano, Denmark

  • Smart Lighting trends, barriers and potential
  • SSL Annex Second Report on Smart Lighting – findings
  • Performance when dimming and/or changing colour temperature
  • Regulation and Standards from IEC/CIE – need for characterisation
  • Recommendations for the future including integrating with controls


17h00  LED Linear Lamp Life-Cycle Assessment

Michael Scholand, Deputy Manager, SSLC Platform, UK

  • Life-Cycle Assessment overview
  • Key findings and comparison with baseline fluorescent lamps
  • Conclusions and recommendations


17h25  Thanks and closing remarks

Prof Georges Zissis, Chair, IEA 4E SSLC Platform, La Place University Toulouse


17h30  Evening networking reception – wine and light snacks

All participants are invited to stay and meet the speakers / network with colleagues


18h30  End of evening reception