IEA 4E SSL Annex wins Global Award from International Solid State Lighting Alliance

The SSL Annex has been given the “Global SSL Award for Outstanding Achievement” from the International Solid State Lighting Alliance on 27 November in Xiamen, China. This award recognises the thirteen years of research, reports and other information that the SSL Annex has shared with the global lighting community.


Ms. Ling Wu, President of China Advanced Semiconductor Industry Innovation Alliance and Member of ISA Council of Management, and Dr. Yoshi Ohno, NIST Fellow, Sensor Science Division and SSL Annex Expert.

Xiamen, China.  The IEA 4E SSL Annex was launched in 2010 by governments in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia to support a wide range of activities designed to accelerate the global transition to solid-state lighting. Members of the SSL Annex have led research tasks, spoken at over 40 conferences, published more than 50 research papers and reports, conducted webinars, contributed to standardisation and metrology, and made many other significant contributions.  In recognition of all this work, the SSL Annex received a Global Award for Outstanding Achievement from the International Solid State Lighting Alliance (ISA), a non-profit organisation consisting of regional alliances, industry associations and societies, leading companies and renowned universities.

“We are most grateful to the ISA for this honour they have bestowed on us” said Professor Georges Zissis, Chairman of the SSL Annex Management Committee.  “The SSL Annex has always worked to actively engage with stakeholders across the global lighting community and to communicate our findings as widely as possible.”

The research and policy support activities of the SSL Annex focus on four critical areas:

  • SSL testing, metrics and standards – supporting the lighting metrology community and improve the comparability and accuracy of LED product testing.
  • Smart lighting, digitalisation and connectivity – smart lighting systems and wireless communication and intelligent controls are the future, the SSL Annex has worked to monitor the energy used by these lamps and luminaires highlighting the issue of energy consumption when the lamp is not in use.
  • Public health, productivity and environmental impacts – working to help governments and the public track the latest science and research on how LED lighting impacts human health and the environment.
  • SSL product quality and performance – recommendations that promote harmonisation of key quality and performance metrics globally. For the most common LED lamps and luminaires on the market, the recommendations include efficacy, light quality, power quality, lifetime and other important characteristics.

Recognising the value of the collaboration between the member countries of the SSL Annex, Dr. Peter Bennich, Deputy Chair of the SSL Annex noted “When speaking about the SSL Annex, I always love to say that we were founded in 2010 on one key principle:  If we work together and share resources, we can address difficult problems more easily and achieve better outcomes.”

The activities undertaken by the SSL Annex are complementary and supportive of the work of individual governments, international standardisation bodies, and the research & development being conducted by industry and academia. Through this research and support, the activities of the SSL Annex are working to accelerate the transition to SSL.  Over the next five years from 2024 to 2029, the SSL Annex will continue working and we look forward to engaging and working to support the continued growth and development of the global SSL market.

Click here to view the ISA’s Pamphlet on the Award recipients for 2023, including the SSL Annex.



About the IEA-4E Solid State Lighting Annex

Launched in July 2010, the IEA-4E SSL Annex is a joint initiative of six countries working together to address common challenges with SSL technologies. The Annex member countries understand there are significant advantages in engaging in an international collaboration and joint activities relating to SSL performance and quality. Sponsoring governments of the SSL Annex include Australia, Denmark, France, Korea, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The work of the SSL Annex spans a wide range of initiatives which can be found on the Annex’s website , including guidance for policy makers, quality and performance tiers and support for laboratory accreditation.


About the IEA Implementing Agreement on Energy Efficient End-Use Equipment (4E)

4E is an International Energy Agency (IEA) Technology Collaboration Programme was established in 2008 to support governments to formulate and develop effective policies that increase deployment of energy efficient electrical end-use equipment. Globally, electrical equipment is one of the largest and most rapidly expanding areas of energy consumption which poses considerable challenges in terms of economic development, environmental protection and energy security. Further information on the 4E Implementing Agreement is available from:



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