New domestic and commercial refrigeration reports published

The IEA 4E Mapping and Benchmarking Annex is pleased to publish a range of new reports on refrigeration products.

The final benchmarking reports comparing the international energy performance of vending machines and commercial retail display cabinets are now available.  Example findings from these reports are:

  • The vending machines analysed (from the Australian, Canadian, UK and USA markets) show near clear improvement in energy performance over time but the best products are 30-50% better than the average so there is clear potential for improvement.
  • For both chilled and freezer display cabinets, the large differences in test methodologies make international comparison particularly challenging.  However, in most markets the best performing products have significantly better specific energy consumptions than on average again suggesting potential for energy savings.

The mapping reports for domestic refrigerated appliances which show the energy performance of refrigerator freezers and freezers in a market over time alongside an overview of local policies have been updated for 9 countries and a new report has been produced for Japan.  The benchmarking report for this analysis is due for publication in 2013.