IEA 4E Benchmarking reports submitted to the Clean Energy Ministerial Meetings.

The following reports are outcomes from the IEA 4E Mapping and Benchmarking for Refrigerated Cold Appliances and for Standby Power (primarily TVs).

These outputs have been submitted for consideration during the Clean Energy Ministerial Meetings in London during the week of 23 April 2012. Also included in the submission were projections through to 2050 for the energy savings potential from refrigerators with details contained in the following report:

The Mapping and Benchmarking Annex is part of the wider IEA Implementation Agreement on Energy Efficient Electrical End-Use Equipment (4E) which also includes Annexes on Electric Motors, and Solid State Lighting. The following presentation explains the goals and activities of the IEA 4E Implementing Agreement within the context of the Clean Energy Ministerial Meetings: