Webinar: New global motor standards move the market

Conrad U. Brunner (Topmotors) will hold a 30-minute presentation about ‘New global motor standards move the market’. He has been working in the IEC TC2 (Rotating machinery) for many years and received the ‘IEC 1906 Award’ for ’10 years of outstanding work’ within this field.

In his presentation he will address the following:

1. What are global motors standards and why are they important?
2. Which global standards are relevant for motor systems?
3. What is the link between global standards and national regulation?
4. What are the lessons learned after working more than 10 years with motor standards?
5. How do new technologies influence markets, standards and regulation?
6. What are the challenges, what can be improved?
7. Where will the new project ‘Coordination and Alignment of IEC and ISO Standards for Energy Efficient Electric Motor Driven Systems’ lead the industry to?

After the presentation, participants will have the opportunity to share their questions and comments with the audience.

• Date: Wed, Jun 10, 2020
• Time: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM CEST

The webinar is hosted by the Swiss Topmotors programme. It will be recorded and made available for download on the Topmotors YouTube channel.