China to set IE3 as minimum requirement for motors

China updated the draft for the crucial GB 18613 “Minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and values of efficiency grade for motors” with the future motor efficiency requirements. The minimum requirement for 3-phase asynchronous motors between 120 W and 1000 kW will be set at IE3. The formal introduction date has not been set.

The draft of the new standard specifies the energy efficiency grades, minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and test method for three-phase asynchronous motors, single-phase asynchronous motors and air conditioner fan motors.

It is applicable to:

  • continuously running general purpose motors or general-purpose explosion-proof motors
  • with rated voltage below 1000 V,
  • 50 Hz three-phase AC power supply,
  • between 120 W to 1000 kW,
  • 2-poles, 4-poles, 6-poles and 8-poles,
  • single speed,
  • closed self-cooling fan or with N design motors.

It is also applicable for small general purpose motors which are powered by 690 V and below and 50 Hz AC power such as:

  • capacitor starting asynchronous motors (120 W – 3’700 W),
  • capacitor-operated asynchronous motors (120 W – 2200 W),
  • double value capacitor asynchronous motors (250 W – 3700 W).

It is also applicable for air conditioner fans with capacitor running motor (10 W – 1100 W) or brushless DC motor (10 W – 1100 W).