Connected Efficiency Award

SEAD Connected Efficiency Award – Nominations Closing 31 August 2017.  

To recognise the most energy efficient communications protocols, SEAD has launched the Connected Efficiency Award.

The objective of the Award is to promote the uptake (within mains-powered, network-connected devices) of communications protocols which minimise the energy required to maintain network connectivity.  It also aims to highlight those who develop these class-leading protocols and spur further innovation in this area.

The Award has been conceived in collaboration with the Connected Devices Alliance and the IEA 4E’s Electronic Devices and Networks Annex (EDNA).  Authors of protocols (or their designated parties) are encouraged to nominate.

Please note that the nomination period for the Award is short – from 24 July to 31 August 2017.  

More information is available from the SEAD website where you can download the Official Rules as well as a Factsheet.  The online nomination form will become available from this link on 24 July.

Please pass this information on to any contacts who may wish to nominate a protocol for the Award.

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