G20 Connected Devices Alliance Meeting, May 2016

The G20 Energy Efficiency Action Plan held a Networked Devices Workshop at IEA Headquarters, Paris, France on the 19-20 May 2016. Following is the Agenda and Presentations given at the Workshop.

Networked Devices Workshop Agenda

Presentation 2: Welcome Address – Paul Simons, IEA Deputy Executive Director

Presentation 5: CDA Voluntary Principles Project – Sam Thomas, IEA

Presentation 6: Centre of Excellence Project – Stephen Pattison, ARM

Presentation 7: Overview of Intelligent Efficiency developments and opportunities – John A. “Skip” Laitner, Economic and Human Dimensions Research Associates

Presentation 8: Intelligent Efficiency Project, Measurement of Benefits – Chris Hankin, ITI

Presentation 9: Case Study – Connected Thermostats – Alan Meier, LBNL

Presentation 10: Case Study – HEMS – Claire Miziolek, Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (view video here)

Presentation 11: Policies for Intelligent Efficiency – Ethan Rogers, ACEEE (view video here)

Presentation 12: Energy Aware Devices – Alan Meier (+ Bruce Nordman)

Presentation 14: The future of the energy efficiency initiative under the G20 – Zoe Lagarde, IPEEC

Presentation 15a: Recent initiatives and Best Practices for International Policy – Doug Johnson, CTA

Presentation 15b: Overview of current and planned policies associated with Networked Devices – Katherine Delves,Natural Resources Canada

Presentation 16: Product Category Targets – Mark Ellis, 4E

Presentation 17: Market Monitoring, Energy Savings Potential of Home Automation Technology – Doug Johnson, CTA

Presentation 18: Market Monitoring, Energy Efficiency of the Internet of Things – Hans -Paul Siderius, Netherlands (Dr. Rainer Kyburz, iHomeLab)

Presentation 19: Monitoring project proposal – Mark Ellis, 4E

Presentation 21: Participation in the CDA, Working Groups, etc – Steve Beletich, 4E