Policy briefs published for standby power, vending machines and retail display cabinets

Following the recent publication of the full benchmarking reports for vending machines, standby power and retail display cabinets, the key policy observations from these reports have now been distilled into these two page summaries. The summary documents highlight key outcomes from the benchmarking analysis with associated recommendations.  These include: Standby power:
  • Average standby power has improved over time in all of the ten product categories analysed, except for microwave ovens (below 3 W in all datasets) and set top boxes.
  • Evidence suggests that regulation, and the early signalling of regulation in particular, has pushed markets further and faster than market-driven efforts alone.
Vending machines:
  • The European market has a much higher proportion of glass front units compared with the almost ubiquitous opaque fronted units in North America/Australia. This, and the fact that European units are typically 20% smaller, means that the average European machine is less efficient.
  • There is considerable scope to apply and tighten Minimum Energy Performance Standards across all markets, although there may be cost implications.
Retail display cabinets:
  • There is significant scope for improvement in efficiency across products in all markets analysed.
  • The best cabinets use less than one third of the energy per unit volume consumed by the average chilled and frozen cabinets of both large and average sizes.
You can download the full policy briefs by clicking the button below.