First product definitions finalised

The first two products in the Mapping and Benchmarking Annex of 4e have now been defined.  They are definitions for:

These documents define exactly what will be mapped in the Annex, and specifically the ways in which the technological and functional characteristics of the products will be grouped to create an appropriate and consistent set of results for policy makers to review.  These definitions have been agreed following a process of consultation as laid out in the Annex Framework which includes:

  • An initial definition drafted with the support of technical experts in the product area
  • A consultation with one participating country who is sponsoring the product as an expert partner
  • Final consultation with all other participating countries on the definition itself and their ability to provide data on the definition as laid out

The final section of the product definition is a list of the data that is required in order to undertake the mapping and benchmarking process.  This list forms the basis of the data requests for that product and the requests for Domestic Cold Appliances and Televisions have now been circulated to all participating countries.