Task 16 – Energy Applications within IoT and Digitalisation Strategies

Harnessing IoT and digitalisation for the purpose of energy efficiency has significant economic benefits.

Several countries and regions have developed (or are in the process of developing) strategies for stimulating the internet of things (IoT) and/or digitalisation in their respective economies . To date, these strategies typically cover a broad range of benefits – energy efficiency is only one benefit and in many cases it is not mentioned in the strategy at all.

This task has the ultimate aims of ensuring that energy efficiency becomes an integral part of national IoT and digitalisation strategies, and that countries/regions develop energy efficiency focussed IoT and digitalisation strategies, either within a broader strategy or as stand alone.

This task will produce a report which:

  • Provides a readable overview of existing (and draft where available) IoT and digitalisation strategies.
  • Assesses and compares existing (and draft where available) country/regional IoT and digitalisation strategies, in particular their energy and energy efficiency aspects (also briefly map the other aspects that dominate the strategies).
  • Develops best practice guidance to developing IoT and digitalisation strategies for the purpose of enhancing energy efficiency

A report was published in June 2020.