Project – Energy Aware Devices

“Energy aware” devices are able to communicate information on how much energy they are consuming, in real time. Energy use can either be measured by on-board measurement hardware, or estimated within a device’s firmware.

Following the work of the Connected Devices Alliance, EDNA has published a study of the policy opportunities for encouraging devices to become “energy aware”. The report concluded that:

  • Energy aware devices are a key opportunity for efficient residential and commercial building operation
  • Energy aware devices could be implemented at very low cost (e.g. by building energy estimation built into device firmware)
  • They could be used for cost-effective monitoring and evaluation of energy efficiency projects and programs
  • They could be a powerful tool for informing policy development (i.e. in place of end-use monitoring programs)

The report can be downloaded here.

A policy brief is also available for Energy Aware Devices.

EDNA has also developed a prototype smart lamp, that is able to accurately estimate its energy consumption during dimming – refer video below.