Project – Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

Scoping study on the Energy efficiency of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE):

In 2015, 1.26 million electric cars were on the road worldwide, and substantial new implementation of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) was observed on par with the growth of the global electric car stock.

In May 2017 EDNA commenced a scoping study on the “Energy Efficiency of EVSE” to gather available knowledge on the existing and/or emerging efficiency regulation approaches for EVSE, and on their potential energy impacts. The ECODESIGN company GmbH is coordinating this six-month scoping study, which is the first step for developing future policy and dissemination activities in EDNA and beyond.

The scoping study has now been published and can be downloaded here.

A related workshop on this topic was held in Vienna on 28 September 2017. More details are available here and the agenda can be downloaded here.