Interlaboratory Comparison for Goniophotometers (IC 2017)

The final report from the IEA 4E Solid State Lighting Annex’s 2017 Interlaboratory comparison (IC 2017). This comparison had 36 participating laboratories from 19 countries with a total of 42 goniophotometric instruments, the largest interlaboratory comparison of such equipment ever undertaken. This comparison investigated the level of agreement in measurements of SSL products by various […]

Literature Summary of Lifetime Testing of Light Emitting Diodes and LED Products

A summary of the literature on lifetime definitions for LEDs and LED products, including a look at failure mechanisms, accelerated life tests and test methods for estimating lifetime, and provides some recommendations. There is currently no agreement as to which test method can best estimate the lifetime of LED lighting products and the report thus addresses a key issue for regulators and industry interested in deployment of LED technologies

Lessons Learnt Bringing LEDs to Market

The purpose of this report is to provide policy makers with examples and a summary of how IEA 4E SSL Annex member countries’ have introduced and promoted LED illumination products in their respective markets. This report highlights key policy and

Potential Health Issues of SSL

This report addresses the issues of the potential effects of solid state lighting (SSL) products on human health. This work mainly focuses on glare issues, photobiological effects caused by the optical radiation on the eye and skin, flickering phenomena non-visual effects of light

2013 Interlaboratory Comparison – Final Report

The measurement data from 110 laboratories worldwide are included in this final report of IC 2013. In addition, there are 13 more sets of data included, as some laboratories submitted two or more

Summary Report of Nucleus Laboratory Comparison

In 2012, the Annex completed its first set of tests designed to confirm the competence and equivalence of the “nucleus laboratories” which are NIST (USA), NLTC (China), VSL (The Netherlands), and AIST, NMIJ (Japan)

Performance Tiers for Downlight Luminaires

In August 2012, the SSL Annex published four performance tiers associated with LED lamps and luminaires: Non-directional Lamps for Indoor Residential Applications, Directional Lamps for Indoor Residential Applications, Downlight Luminaires, and Linear