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4E Projects

4E Projects are initiated by ExCo delegates periodically and typically comprise highly focussed research activities.  Projects tend to have a shorter-term focus than Annexes, require lower levels of financial support and are usually exploratory in nature. 

To gain support, Projects must demonstrate well-defined objectives and realistic deliverables, which are best achieved through international collaboration.  In additional, Projects must lead to significant improvements in energy efficiency or address one or more current barriers.  Projects also need to show that they will not duplicate activities undertaken by another organisation or which could be better achieved by others.

4E has undertaken a wide range of projects as demonstrated by the following list.  Follow the links on this page to find related details and publications.

Product Energy Efficiency Trends (PEET)

2019 - ongoing

Air Conditioners

2019 - ongoing

Energy-using Systems

2019 - ongoing

The Motor Driven Unit policy guidelines

2016 - 2018

The Effectiveness of Energy Efficiency Voluntary Agreements


Energy Efficiency Standards and Labelling Achievements Report

2015 - 2016

Evaluation of Ecodesign

2015 - 2017

IEA Energy Efficiency Market Reports

2015 - ongoing

G20 Energy Efficiency Action Plan: Networked Devices

2014 - ongoing

International Mapping and Benchmarking

2014 - 2019

Policy Driven Innovation (PDI)


Smart Metering Infrastructure

2011 - 2012

Technology Forcing Standards for Energy Efficiency

2011 - 2012

Monitoring Verification and Enforcement

2010 - ongoing

Engagement with International Standardisation Organisations

2009 - ongoing