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IEA/4E/SEAD Network Standby Workshop: Beyond 1-Watt – Registrations Close 21 August 2013

By Melissa Damnics · Standby Power ·

The IEA/4E/SEAD Network Standby Workshop: Beyond 1-Watt – Towards energy efficiency in the digital age is to be held at the IEA Headquarters, Paris: 16 September 2013 - 17 September 2013

The objective of the workshop is to help future-proof energy efficiency policy-making by providing insights into trends and energy implications of increasing network-connectivity. Focus will be placed on how to limit standby power consumption of network-connected appliances and policies and supporting measures needed to improve energy efficiency. 

The workshop will also provide an opportunity to discuss wider energy implications of "smart" products and systems and identify new areas where international collaboration could be instrumental in accelerating progress towards energy efficiency. 

The workshop will culminate in a high – level session in the afternoon of the 17 September which will provide an overview of key issues and approaches and offer a platform of strategic discussions on how to move forward with tackling ICT-related energy consumption.


Attendance is by invitation only and registrations close 21 August 2013.

If you would like to request an invitation or have any queries,  please contact Vida Rozite at the IEA ()

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