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Opening Message from the Annex Chair

A brief message from the chair of the IEA 4E Standby Annex

By Shane Holt · Standby Power ·

The consumption of electricity by electronic products in low power modes (often called 'standby power') has increased over recent years due to the growing number and role of electronics in most households and offices.


Since the 'standby problem' became apparent more than a decade ago, the area has attracted significant attention and the issue is now highlighted in most national policies for appliances. However, the nature of standby is changing rapidly and this continues to hamper effective policy development.


As devices evolve rapidly and become more complex, there has been a growth in the number of potential low power modes, and individual products are harder to define. Traditional product policy approaches which target individual products therefore struggle to remain effective.


Under the Standby Power Annex, we are aiming to establish some key methodologies so that all countries can easily track standby energy consumption on a uniform basis to determine the trends, and better understand whether policies are being effective. We are also drawing on research undertaken by participating countries to identify the types of policies which will deliver solutions which are technically feasible and practical to implement.


Of course, there are many groups working on some of these issues already, and part of our job is to ensure that there is more effective communication on a technical and policy level between all the stakeholders invovled. This is particularly important since many of the products incorporating standby are globally traded, yet policies for standby management are normally developed on a national basis.


- Shane Holt

Chair, 4E Standby Power Annex

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