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Lot 26 Draft Final Report Released

By Standby Power ·

The Lot 26 team has published the Draft Final Report for the EuP preparatory study on Networked standby DG ENER Lot 26(TREN/D3/91-2007-Lot26). The drafts are available on the project website


All task reports have been reviewed following stakeholder input.


The modifications include:


  • Task 1: Complete revision of Section 1 including the introduction, networked standby definition, selected scope, and functional unit. Also, we now introduce the network availability concept in Task 1.
  • Task 2: Adjustment of selected product case and complete revision of market trends.
  • Task 3: Adjustment of selected product case.
  • Task 4: Substantial revisions following detailed stakeholder input including extended descriptions of network technology.
  • Task 5: Complete revision of the Task 5 report was necessary. Please note that the environmental assessments of the 21 product cases are now in individual documents (Annexes to Task 5).
  • Task 6: First draft of report on best available technology. Stakeholder comments and more BAT examples are welcomed.
  • Task 7: First draft of report on improvement potential. Stakeholder comments and more BAT examples are welcomed.


A stakeholder meeting will take place on 14 February 2011 in Brussels and written comments or any other enquiries can be sent to .

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