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Load Down July Edition

By Melissa Damnics · Standby Power ·

The latest edition of the Load Down Newsletter is now availble on the Standby Power Annex Website. (Download here)

Articles include:


  • Network Standby – Putting the pieces together
    Summarising the work of various international organisations and how these will come together to assist policy makers reduce the energy wastage in network standby modes. 
  • Networking in Stockholm - International Workshop Outcomes
    Reporting the outcomes of the IEA/4E/SEAD Network Standby Workshop held in Stockholm during May.
  • Network standby field measurements – Is simulation possible?
    Looking at a new project that will investigate the possibiliites of simulating a network connection for products enabling field measurements of network standby. 
  • Korea marching ahead on Network Standby
    A look at current efforts to adress network standby being made by in Korea

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